Osons être parents !

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We know that adolescence is a difficult period to navigate. The author observes that although our country is equipped with multiple services to respond to teenagers’ needs, nowadays the parents of teenagers feel they are left to deal with these… Read more  difficulties on their own. To support their children during their teenage years, it is necessary to build up a new relationship, little by little, and establish a new and comfortable distance between them and their offspring. This entails re-examining and modifying parental attitudes. Not a simple thing to do – because parents are emotionally close to their children, which complicates their task; and because youth is positive, whereas age becomes a burden; and because today, all figures of authority are disparaged…
This book, full of practical advice, examines adolescence from a parental viewpoint and shows what a child’s adolescence arouses and reactivates in parents, and why, despite these existential and necessary « tremors », parents should stand their ground and remain confident.

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Essais documents divers

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