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5 illustrators, 100 emblematic shots from the cinema : 100 films to identify!
Milan et demi invited 5 illustrators to propose a selection of 100 classics of the cinema. From King Kong to Ratatouille, taking in Gone with the Wind, The Birds, La… Read more  Dolce Vita, Jaws, The Lord of the Rings and Kill Bill.
From this panorama of the cinema in beautiful pictures, a joyous history of the film industry emerges that we revisit with delight.
A beautiful book that reads like a guessing game. On every page, a creature, a vehicle, a dress, a dish or a décor… taken from a cult film that you will identify, helped by a catch line.

Collection: Milan et demi

Publication date:

Themes: cinemaculturegameguessing games

Retail price: 18 €

N°EAN 9782745979766
Format 205 x 225 mm
Number of pages 120

Milan et demi

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